Features the lighttracker

This tool lets you optimize and align your body clocks for better sleep and wellbeing.

Giving you instant feedback, letting you act upon the light you need and meeting lighting goals for you.

Use your own personal chronotype (lark vs. owl) to provide:

  • The best quality of sleep
  • An energy boost
  • And daytime wellbeing


Lets you navigate light and behaviour for quality of sleep.

No More Sleep Loss and restless nights, which ruins your SLEEP… And Subsequently ruins your Daytime performance.

As an example – a common night time scenario shoving the use of devices for reading in bed. The predominant light source in your devices LED(6500K) measuring 50 lux at eye level….The OCUTUNE System would advice you to reduce light intensity and spectrum at this critical time of you Quality of Sleep, or install screen filters on your device.

With OCUTUNE its goodbye Social-Jetlag And Those Dreadful Monday Mornings’