Solving the sleep crisis

As bright light and unstructured eating has a bad domino effect on both the brain and the body…OCUTUNE develops user friendly devices and systems, which give feedback to the individual and to communities to optimize sleep, well-being and performance.

OCUTUNE seek to solve the sleep crisis… One sleepdeprivated individual at the time, by keeping track of, and provide insight into;


When to seek light

During daytime the right light gets you in Sync. With your body clock, subsequent quality of sleep, daytime wake and a boost of energy. Further the light you expose yourself to during the day will have direct influence on how resilient and robust your circadian system is in the evening and to light at night.

When to avoid light

For many sleep has become an almost unattainable commodity, a luxury reserved for the fortunate few even though research is clear on the benefits. Benefits both with regard to longevity and quality of life. Light at night ruins sleep, and makes you prone to bad sleep and unhealthy eating.

When to prioritize meals

Light at night reduces your body’s ‘darkhormone’, which keep you awake at night. This increases hunger and makes you prone to bad food choices and late-night snaks and eating. When you eat is just as important as what you eat” keep fit by tracking meals and meal timing with OCUTUNE.

When to exercise

Exercise is a Time giver for the muscles, which provides synchronisation signals for your circadian system. So by tracking light and get insight into you Exercise, you can boost energy and fitness. OCUTUNE will measure human light exposure and provide advise as how to optimize individual, healthy behaviour and daylight rhythm to boost energy and quality of sleep.