About Ocutune

Why, How and What


”We seek to improve people’s sleep, health and wellbeing through light”. And thereby solving the sleep crisis…ONE SLEEPDEPRIVED INDIVIDUAL AT THE TIME. This is the aim of OCUTUNE”


“OCUTUNE’s vision is to become part of every ecosystem whether you are on the move, at home, at work etc.”


OCUTUNE develop user friendly devices and systems, which give feedback to the individual and communities to optimize sleep, health and well-being and Boost daytime energy.

The Ocutune devices and system let you navigate the pitfalls of modern 24h. light and behaviours…

Keeping YOU – all in Sync.

MEET THE OcuTuners

OcuTune Strongly believe in the fact that we as individuals were shaped by Nature, and the predictability of the day and night cycle.

We recognize that the 24 hour day are embedded in our genes, and that the unpredictable 24/7-365 society light patterns makes it hard to navigate the light and behaviours that helped shaped us, and which helped inspire us.

OcuTune seek to combat the modern sleep crises, one sleep deprived individual at the time.

We refer to ourselves as OcuTuners. We are a team of dedicated professionals from different backgrounds, who each bring our expertise and genuine passion for light, health and technology to you. Our diverse backgrounds help us address various health and well-being challenges and guide informed decisions which promote the navigation of light, to YOUR benefit.


Daniel Bachman

Daniel Bachmann,  CEO

Daniel is CEO at Consortium for Intelligent Indoor Climate and Energy, and Board member in CLEAN CLUSTER. Daniel brings to the table many years of experience as Entrepreneur within IT and IOT, and Business management.

Joachim Stormly Hansen

Joachim Stormly Hansen, CDO

Light, health and Indoor climate Specialist, with experience from National and international engineering companies such as ARUP. He has been Research employee at the Research department in Ophthalmology at Glostrup Hospital Copenhagen, and PM and Chief Investigator ’The Photon Project Field Study’ with University of Oxford.  Joachim bring a vast knowledge of light and lighting application as well as an in depth knowledge of Circadian physiology.


Yoanna Choleva

Yoanna  Choleva, Cand.polyt. (MSc Eng), CBDO

Yoanna has a background as Scientific Project Manager at Bridge BioResearch. CSO and Co-founder at LIITA and Programme manager within Device R&D.