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Add light to life

The Ocutune system: Navigating light for quality of sleep, wake, and a boost of energy

OCUTUNE develops user friendly systems, giving individuals feedback to synchronize their circadian rhythm, thus optimizing sleep, energy and wellbeing

Right at your fingertips

It’s all about when!

Ocutune is a simple all in one system to navigate a complex 24/7-365 world


When to seek light

During daytime the right light gets you in Sync. With your body clock, subsequent quality of sleep, daytime wake and a boost of energy.

When to avoid light

For many sleep has become an almost unattainable commodity, a luxury reserved for the fortunate few even though research is clear on the benefits.

When to prioritize meals

When you eat is just as important as what you eat” keep fit by tracking meals and meal timing with OCUTUNE.

When to exercise

OCUTUNE will measure human light exposure and provide advise as how to optimize individual, healthy behaviour and daylight rhythm to boost energy and quality of sleep.

Are you one of them?

While real jetlag is acute and transient, social jetlag is chronic.

Social jetlag is the misalignment of our “biological clock” and social time. The constant twilight of our largely indoor lives makes us dependent, on artificial lighting and alarm clocks (social time), and compromises our daily functioning.

More than 40% of the european population suffers from social jetlag


We spend up to 90% of our time indoors today


We combats social jetlag for better sleep and wellbeing

100% in sync

We create awareness

The main culprits to our sleep crisis

The consequences of living in the shadows with social jetlag creates poor and inconsistent sleep and more prone to illness

Not enough sleep

33% of American and 45% of Danish adults don’t get enough sleep, and have trouble sleeping

Lack of sleep

The lack of sleep increases the risk of many diseases


Worry increases our stress hormone Cortisol, which is ment to keep us awake


Too much food and at the wrong time, will keep the body temperature too high for sleeping

No physical activity

Too little physical activity reduces the production of the muscle hormone that promotes sleep

Not enough daylight

Too little daylight during the day, and too much light in the evening and night, reduces the “dark hormone” during the night, messing up your circadian system and sleep

Features the lighttracker

This tool lets you optimize and align your body clocks for better sleep and wellbeing.

Giving you instant feedback, letting you act upon the light you need and meeting lighting goals for you.

Use your own personal chronotype (lark vs. owl) to provide:

  • The best quality of sleep
  • An energy boost
  • And daytime wellbeing

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Meet the Ocutuners

We refer to ourselves as OCUTUNERS. We are a team of dedicated professionals from different backgrounds, who each bring our expertise and genuine passion for light, health and technology to your benefit.